Dr. Manoj Khanal is the Best headache specialist doctor near me

Dr. Manoj Khanal is the best headache specialist near me. He has more than 15 years of experience in treating such cases. Dr. Khanal is available for consultations at Max Hospital, Shalimar Bagh.

What is Headache?

Most people think of headaches as something very incidental and common. However, headaches should be taken more seriously than that.

While we all know that headaches are pains in the head. When we have a headache, we feel pain on any side of the head. In some cases they come and go, in other cases they are usually it usually unbearable.

Some headaches are also accompanied by nausea/vomiting. At this point, we look for the best headache specialist nearby best nearby.

Dr. Manoj Khanal is the best headache specialist doctor near me

Therefore, as a neurologist, I recommend that every patient should understand their headache type, recognize the pattern of its occurrence how occurrence, understand the headache triggers, and talk to discuss a neurologist to understand their specific headache type so that a prognosis can be made.

What are the different types of Headaches?

There are 150 types of headaches. They have been further categorized into primary and secondary headaches.

1.      Primary Headache

In primary headaches, the problem is the headache itself. The headache is not caused by any other underlying condition or problem. Here, the headache is the main problem. Most of the headaches fall in the category of primary headaches.

2. Secondary Headache

When a headache is caused by any other underlying condition like a brain tumor, infection, injury, or aneurysm, is termed a secondary headache These kinds of headaches are very rare but are very serious.

Dr Manoj Khanal is the Best Headache Specialist Doctor Near Me.

What are the different types of Primary Headaches?

The primary headache as discussed above are the most common types of headaches. Below are some examples of primary headaches

  1. Tension Headache:  If you are feeling like a tight band around your head, it could be Tension Type Headache.
    Tension headaches usually result from an inability to cope with stress while exerting oneself. Although painkillers may help, the best course of action is to learn how to manage stress and prevent these headaches from occurring.
  2. Cluster Headache: Cluster Headache are very severe and completely disturbs a person’s life. This type of headache come in clusters, there may be many episodes of this headache ranging from 30 minutes to 6 minutes and keep coming and going each day.
    This may happen for days, weeks or a month. Cluster Headaches are also called a “Suicidal Headache” as people have often thought of taking their life, than tolerating this.
    Many patients believe that there is no hope for them with cluster headache, however expert neurologists do have treatment available for cluster headache.
  3. Migraine: This is the most common neurological disorder and is also one of the most common kind of headache.
    This headache is accompanied by nausea/vomiting, vision problem, Pain on one side of brain, blind spots in vision, numbness, changes in smell and taste.
    Most patients while going through a migraine are not able to bear sounds, light, even a little talking around them may be extremely disturbing. Many find relief after taking a pain killer, while other end up in Emergency because they are dehydrated and nausea won’t stop.
    Neurologist often tell patients to understand their trigger points, what aggravates and starts a migraine. Some of the trigger factors are getting over exerted with physical activity, feeling mentally stressed, not eating for long hours, being dehydrated, catching a flash of light in the eye, tying the head very hard or loud sounds.
    Treatment is very much possible, given the patient is ready to follow.
  4. New Daily Persistent Headaches: This is a rare disorder and the headache may happen for unknown reason and the patient’s life is disrupted as this headache has a tendency of staying for hours and even days.


There are other types of primary headaches like

  1. Hemicrania continua
  2. Ice pick headache
  3. Thunderclap headache
  4. Allergy or sinus headache
  5. Hormone headache/menstrual migraine
  6. Caffeine headache
  7. Exertion headache
  8. Hypertension headache
  9. Rebound headache
  10. Post-traumatic headache
  11. Spinal headache

Dr Manoj Khanal is the Best Headache Specialist Near Me.

What are the different types of Secondary Headaches?

  1. Post-Traumatic Headache: Post-traumatic headache starts after 2 days of an injury. The symptoms of this may include light-headedness, vertigo, memory loss, getting tired quickly, and feeling irritated.
    If these symptoms occur, you need to rush to the hospital in emergency immediately.
  2. Rebound Headache: This happens with over usage of pain-relieving drugs used to treat headaches.
  3. Thunderclap Headache: This is the worst kind of serious headache that may happen due to a tear of blood vessels, brain injury, changes in levels of blood pressure, inflamed or narrowed blood vessels, or a stroke.

Dr Manoj Khanal is the Best Headache Specialist Near Me.